Tony Roma's All-Star Games And League Regular Season Individual Awards Presentations To Cap Season Wednesday March 20 At Magrath High School

Girls Game - 6 p.m.

4A Boys Game - To Follow

Respective League Individual Regular Season Awards Presentations After Each Game.

All-star game players were selected by all league varsity head coaches on regular season performance.

All awards votes were in before the first post-season game.

Top 20 vote getters and ties who accepted invites play, with the proviso that one player per school is represented in each gender.

All-star game head coaches are by rotation.


Team Light
Head Coach: Shelley Quinton, Cardston

Cardston: Madison Barfuss, Madison Leishman, Hanna Nunn
Catholic Central: Kyra Collier
Magrath: Montana Berezay, Lauren Payne, Jenna Taylor, Ellie Wilde, Lucy Wilde
Winston Churchill: Isabel Crown

Team Dark
Head Coach: Kenney Wood, W.R. Myers

LCI: Krista Nelson, Berkley Heggie (Injured)
Medicine Hat: Kyla Kearley, Jordyn Knight, Kyler Varga
Raymond: Kyla Bohne, Saige Gibb, Taylor Graves, Kelby Terry
W.R. Myers: Austen Robbins, Kitawna Sparks


Team Light
Head Coach: Ryan Blackmore, Magrath

Catholic Central: Will Hughes, Nate Moreira
Magrath: Mason Stock
Medicine Hat: Ethan Egert, Bailey Gosse, Eidan Jonker
Raymond: Brady Baines, Shae Gibb, Boston Harker, Jeter Heggie

Team Dark
Head Coach: Jamie Atwood, Cardston

Cardston: Taylor Barfuss, Adyn Card, Tristan Infanti, Bryn Nelson
Chinook: Karson Valgardson
LCI: Isaiah Bagnah, Tanner French, Zach Jacobs
Winston Churchill: Cian Cailao, Reuben Roth


W.R. Myers Girls And Cardston Boys Medal At Provincials

W.R. Myers: 3A Girls - Silver

Cardston: 4A Boys - Bronze

Best route to find additional information, including results, is through:



South Zone Championships And JV League Playoffs Results


Full draws and results for 4A Zones and JV League Playoffs are available through our Zones/JV Playoffs tab at the top right of this page.

A reminder, the seedings were not necessarily in order of league finish when it comes to tiebreakers, as the zones/playoffs have their own tiebreaker formula as opposed to the one used on this site.


JV Girls Quarterfinals

Catholic Central (2) 70 W.R. Myers (7) 45 in Catholic Central Campus East
Magrath (3) 55 Raymond (6) 51 in Magrath
Cardston (4) 61 Medicine Hat (5) 49 in Cardston
LCI (1) 63 Chinook (8) 57 in LCI

JV Boys Quarterfinals

LCI (2) 90 Chinook (7) 65 in LCI
Magrath (6) 72 Raymond (3) 71 in Raymond
Medicine Hat High (4) 72 Catholic Central (5) 52 in Medicine Hat High
Cardston (1) 89 Winston Churchill (8) 36 in Cardston


4A Girls Quarterfinals

Raymond (3) 82 Catholic Central (6) 41 in Raymond
LCI (4) 100 Medicine Hat High (5) 52 in LCI

4A Boys Quarterfinals

LCI (2) 111 Winston Churchill (7) 67 in LCI
Raymond (3) 87 Magrath (6) 69 in Raymond
Medicine Hat High (4) 96 Chinook (5) 87 in Medicine Hat High
Cardston (1) 92 Catholic Central (8) 60 in Cardston


JV Girls Semifinals

Catholic Central (2) 66 Magrath (3) 45 in Catholic Central Campus East
Cardston (4) 60 LCI (1) 44 in LCI

JV Boys Semifinals

LCI (2) 98 Magrath (6) 72 in LCI
Cardston (1) 117 Medicine Hat High (4) 58 in Cardston

Thursday to Saturday at U of L


4A Boys B-Side

Magrath (6) 90 Winston Churchill (7) 76
Chinook (5) 88 Catholic Central (8) 79

4A Girls Semifinals

Raymond (3) 53 Cardston (2) 48
LCI (4) 68 Magrath (1) 62

4A Boys Semifinals

Cardston (1) 79 Medicine Hat (4) 68
Raymond (3) 111 vs LCI (2) 77


4A Girls B-Side Semifinals

Magrath (1) 71 Catholic Central (6) 62
Cardston (2) 68 Medicine Hat High (5) 58

4A Boys B-Side Semifinals

LCI (2) 108 Chinook (5) 58
Medicine Hat High (4) 87 Magrath (6) 69


JV Girls Final

Catholic Central (2) 67 Cardston (4) 45

JV Boys Final

LCI (2) 94 Cardston (1) 71

4A Girls Bronze Medal Game

Magrath (1) 67 Cardston (2) 56

4A Boys Bronze Medal Game

LCI (2) 85 Medicine Hat High (4) 65

4A Girls Championship Game

Raymond (3) 96 LCI (4) 76

4A Boys Championship Game

Cardston (1) 108 Raymond (3) 105


3A Zones, hosted by W.R. Myers at Barnwell School.

Winston Churchill, members of our league, entrants as well.



Dunmore Eagle Butte (4) 64 Winston Churchill (5) 60



Medicine Hat McCoy (2) 76 Medicine Hat Crescent Heights (3) 54
W.R. Myers (1) 86 Dunmore Eagle Butte (4) 36



W.R. Myers (1) 86 Medicine Hat McCoy (2) 79 [>>]


Magrath Girls And Cardston Boys 2018-19 Varsity Champions; Cardston Boys And LCI Girls 2018-19 JV Regular Season Champions

There are no varsity league playoffs. Varsity teams go directly to South Zone Championships. Thus the Cardston boys and Magrath girls are the 2018-19 varsity league champions.

There are junior varsity playoffs however. [>>]


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