Varsity Girls In Divisional Portion Of Schedule

By league rules the girls Varsity teams are divided into Division A and Division B for the last two weeks of regular season play. (JV teams follow along playing common opponents, but the JV regular season champs and playoff seeds have already been decided.)

Here are the standngs after March 4 divisional play.


1. Cardston 10-1
2. W.R. Myers 9-3
3. Raymond 7-4
4. Magrath 6-5
5. Catholic Central 5-7

1. Medicine Hat 7-5
2. Chinook 5-6
3. Winston Churchill 4-7
4. LCI 4-8
5. Kate Andrews 0-11

By league rules, in terms of 4A Zone Seeding this means Cardston, Raymond and Catholic Central cannot be seeded lower than third, while Chinook, Medicine Hat and LCI cannot be seeded higher than fourth.

You may note that the standings above could be different than the standings on the other portions of this site. That is potentially partially because the league playoff tiebreakers are different from what the site utilizes. The first league tiebreaker is head-to-head meetings between tied teams.

Here is the remaining schedule:


Raymond at Cardston 6/8 p.m.
Catholic Central at Magrath 6/8 p.m.
Chinook at Winston Churchill 2/4 p.m.
Kate Andrews at LCI 2/4 p.m.


W.R. Myers at Cardston 1/3 p.m.
Raymond at Magrath 1/3 p.m.
Chinook at Medicine Hat 1/3 p.m.
K. Andrews at W. Churchill 1/3 p.m.



Schedule Notes


Chinook at Medicine Hat Boys, Friday, March 6, now 5/7 p.m.


Catholic Central has two campuses. League games can be played at either.

For upcoming scheduled 2014-15 regular season games:

None at Campus East

Boys: Mar. 6, Raymond at Catholic Central - Campus West

So, overall, the only upcoming scheduled regular season league event is for Campus West when the Raymond Boys visit. [>>]


11 League Teams In Final Official Alberta Schools Athletic Association Provincial Varsity Basketball Rankings. Provincials Wildcard Berths Awarded To Our South Zone In Every Category Our League Has Teams In

There were four official rankings this season. The final ranking came out on March 2.

Rankings are used to help determine provincial wildcard berths by zone (we are in the South Zone), plus provincial championships seeding.

The top-15 teams in each category are ranked by committees composed of ASAA folk around the province. For publication purposes ASAA releases 11-15 in ALPHABETICAL order listed as Honourable Mentions (HM), although the ranking committees know the real order.


(2) LCI
(4) Cardston
(9) Magrath


(5) Cardston
(10) Raymond
(HM) Catholic Central
(HM) Chinook
(HM) Medicine Hat


(1) Magrath
(2) W.R. Myers
(4) Winston Churchill

Complete ranking lists are available through our ASAA link.

In terms of provincial wildcards in categories our league teams participate in the South Zone received one wildcard berth in 4A Boys, 4A Girls, 3A Girls and two berths in 2A Girls.



Cardston Clinch JV Girls Regular Season Title, Plus JV Girls Playoff Brackets Set As Of February 21

The Junior Varsity Girls regular season title is determined on the basis of the first meeting between all teams.

Cardston earned the 2014-15 crown.

The playoff brackets have now been set as well.

On Monday, March 9 it's:

Magrath (8) at Cardston (1)
LCI (5) at Medicine Hat (4)

Raymond (7) at Chinook (2)
W.R. Myers (6) at Catholic Central (3)

You may note that the playoffs seeds may well be different than the standings on the rest of this site. That is partially because the league playoff tiebreakers are different from what the site utilizes. The first league tiebreaker is head-to-head meetings between tied teams. It may also be because the last four games of the season are recorded as wins and losses on the rest of the site, but do not affect playoff seeding or the regular season championship.



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 Kate Andrews Pride @
 Medicine Hat Kwahommies (JVG)
38 - 54
 WR Myers Rebels @
 Magrath Pandas (SVG)
45 - 60
 Catholic Central Cougars @
 Raymond Comets (SVG)
58 - 71
 Kate Andrews Pride @
 Medicine Hat Kwahommies (SVG)
34 - 83
 Winston Churchill Griffins @
 LCI Clippers (SVG)
55 - 60
 Winston Churchill Griffins @
 LCI Clippers (JVG)
21 - 72
 WR Myers Rebels @
 Magrath Pandas (JVG)
43 - 39
 Catholic Central Cougars @
 Raymond Comets (JVG)
67 - 40
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