Southern Alberta High School Basketball League : Headlines

2019-2020 Basketball League MVP's, All Stars and Coaches of the Year

March 27, 2020

The Southern Alberta Interscholastic Administrative Council (SAIAC) is pleased to announce the following award winners for the 2019-20 season.

4A Girls League

Saige Gibb - Raymond

First Team All Stars
Hattie Ogden - Magragth
Hailee Parker - Medicine Hat
Presley Heggie - LCI
Kyra Collier - Raymond
Tylor Merrill - Cardston

Second Team Allstars
Aimee Baron - Catholic Central
Abby Graves - Raymond
Lauren Wolsey - Cardston
Macie Wocknitz - Magrath
Jill Leishman - Cardston

Varsity Coach of the Year
Alan Gibb - Raymond

Junior Varsity Coach of the Year
Suzanne Fisher - Medicine Hat

4A Boys League

Co MVP's
Ethan Egert - Medicine Hat
Jeter Heggie - Raymond

First Team All Stars
Brady Baines - Raymond
Karson Valgardson - Chinook
Dray Walburger - Magrath
Boston Harker - Raymond
Aiden Gripp - Medicine Hat

Second Team All Stars
Garrett Procee - LCI
Rhett Lewis - Cardston
Tanner French - LCI
Cody Tollestrup - Magrath
Mason Hoffman - Magrath

Varsity Coach of the Year
Brett Ralph - Raymond

Junior Varsity Coach of the Year
Ryan Baldry - Raymond

The All Star game scheduled for March 25th in Magrath has been postponed indefinitely. The presentation of the various plaques and trophies will not occur until schools are reopen and classes resume.

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