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4A Zones Basketball Suspends Play

March 12, 2020

Today the SAIAC Council composed of principals from our member schools decided to suspend play in the 4A zone championships as well as the junior varsity playoffs. This decision is in accordance with recommendations from the Alberta government and the province's chief medical officer as a result of attempts to limit the spread of Covid - 19.
The Council's decision is consistent with other ASAA zones who have suspended their competitions. At 6:00 pm this evening the ASAA also announced that next week's provincial basketball championships have been suspended indefinitely.

The Council appreciates the time and efforts of our student athletes and coaches in preparing for zone competition. The thrill of competition is a big part of the high school experience for the players and the enjoyment this provides for our spectators is one of the highlights of the school sporting year so we are aware that there are many people who are disappointed in what has occurred. However given the circumstances the safety of all directly involved with a game as well as the larger community takes precedence.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will update if new information becomes available.

An announcement for ticket refunds will be made in the upcoming days.

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